Poetry Perfume - Seraphim

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Seraphim - Angelology -  Poetry Perfume

Also available in our Angelogy Bath Collection 

Seraphim is an ethereal, angelic scent. After receiving a beautiful gift of a rose attar from Turkey, I put this bottle away, not yet ready to blend with it. I brought it out and placed a single drop in my bath water. It was mesmerizing, floating, etheric. The scent permeated my home, and told me to call it SERAPHIM. 

Seraphim is an etheric rose floral with a long lasting, powdery dry-down that uplifts and opens the heart.  It's fragrance is soft, but profound, as if it is gently wrapping you in angel wings, mysterious, invisible, yet a sense of a knowing presence. 

To apply: Roll across the wrists, under the ears, at the heart, and crown of the head. 

Each of our Botanical Perfumes is made with sacred essences, and poured in a base of pure organic Jojoba Oil to soften the skin wherever it touches.

Seraphim is so sacred, precious and rare

10ml Heavy Based Glass Bottle with rollerball. 

5 gram Violet Glass with roller ball (limited supply) 

5 ml clear glass square roll on

Sample Vial