Earth Angel - Floral Misting Potion

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EARTH ANGEL FLORAL MISTING POTION- Combining a garden of roses in an exotic collection of rose petals, rose hydrosols, flower essences and oils, plus a rare and precious attar. There is a radiance and ethereal quality released into the environment when this essence is sprayed. 

Ingredients story;  The heart of this mist is the flower essence created from Earth Angel rose petals grown in my garden, infused with sun and spring water. This essence adds a layer of vibrational healing. The hydrosols include both White Rose and Rosa Damascena distilled from Turkish and Bulgarian roses. To this I've added beautiful and costly Rose Otto, and rare and precious Rose Attar distilled in India, An attar is the extraction of botanicals through distilling in a base of sandalwood, generally reserved for exotic perfumes, and becoming increasingly difficult to procure. It gives Earth Angel the ethereal quality she deserves.

The scent;  light, ethereal rose with a soft earthy undertone. It does not linger, yet its impact dissipates into a hauntingly beautiful superb hydration for the skin, preparing the face to receive the moisturizing serum. 

To Use: Spray 1-2 pumps into basin/sink filled with warm water and cleansing cloth. Place damp cloth and allow to remain for 10 or more seconds. Wipe away cleanser. After removing cleanser, mist desired amount on skin for hydration and during the day as needed for a vibrational healing boost. 

50 ml glass bottle with fine mist pump 

NOTE: The pink circle appeared on my camera after the photo shoot; I have no idea how it got there, but I figured it wanted to be included.