Poetry Perfume - Confederate Jasmine Musk

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There is a flower that blooms profusely on Sullivan's Island and in Charleston called Confederate Jasmine. In honor of that flower, I've created Confederate Musk Botanical Perfume, encapsulating the haunted, soldier and pirate history of Charleston. 

It contains a superb Jasmine smell, followed by an immediate hit of sexy, sensuous Musk. This will become a definite favorite among lovers of floral, musky scents that are not overpowering but subtely intoxicating. 

Confederate Jasmine is haunting and softly sensuous.  It's flowers are infused in an organic Jojoba that softens the skin wherever it touches. Botanically infused and contains absolutely no synthetics or chemicals. 

Available in 5ml roll on glass bottle and 1 sample dram glass vial. 

Photograph of "Amanda's Gate" courtesy of Amanda Ford