Snow Moon - Gorgeous Seasonal Skin Care Trio

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Snow Moon Skin Care Trio - Limited Seasonal Offering 

The main essence of Snow Moon is the synergy of Cardamom and Rose, together these two nurturing ingredients become other worldly and provide great benefit for the skin. Cardamom, for the winter months, and rose to graciously bring you into the heart and gentleness of spring. The addition of a rare and glorious Sandalwood is a precious bonus for the skin and spirit. 

Contains Cleanser, Hydration Potion and Skin Softening Drops

In that space directly between winter and spring resides the coldest moon of the year, the Snow Moon. This Snow Moon skin care trio has been created to nurture your skin and spirit. The ingredients are rich and pure and will graciously take you through the cold winter, dry skin months. Good for all skin types except extremely dry. The smell is nurturing, and reminiscent of winter spice and fir and rose petals.  This combination of essences is a true aromatic delight.

Snow Moon Antibacterial Cleanser is composed of Marula,  Jojoba, Kalahari and Calendula Oils. The essences include Cardamom, Rose and Fir, making this a great cleanser that will stimulate the circulation along with antibacterial properties that help in healing breakouts and acting as a skin purifier by clearing out blemishes or clogged pours; It helps in giving you a clearer, even and radiant complexion.

Rose contains the highest of all synergies and creates beauty in both the physical and emotional bodies. A touch of fir to help fight any infections, making this a good cleanser for those who experience the occasional blemish and delicious Kalahari Seed Oil for cleansing and elasticity. 

Hydration Potion is designed to do just that, bring hydration into the skin, and when combined with the Marula Skin Softening Drops, you will find that they work beautifully together. I've also added a few drops of my French Rose Flower Essence created from petals grown on Sullivan's Island to increase the frequency of this blend. 

To use: Spray directly onto skin, or spray a pool of Hydration Potion into the palm and then add 1-3 drops of Skin Softening drops into the pool. Press into the skin. If you need more moisture, add more beauty drops.

Skin Softening Drops can be used alone on moist skin to alleviate dry, tight skin, while softening and adding radiance. Or apply a few drops into a pool of Hydration Potion and pressed gently into the skin. Created with the synergy blend of a trio of roses along with just a hint of Cardamom blended with exquisite organic carrier oils of Marula, Argan and Moringa. 

This trio works best when used together, with it's special synergy of ingredients.

It works especially great on normal, or even oily or problem skin. If your skin is winter dry we recommend our 1-2-3 Skin Set for Dry or Mature Skin.


Cleanser - Jojoba, Marula, Calendula and Kalahari Oils. All Organic: Rose, Alpine Fir, Cardamom, Sandalwood -  1 oz Glass Bottle with Pump

Hydration Potion - All Organic: Aloe Vera, Rose Hydrosol, Rose, Fir, Cardamom, Sandalwood,  Hibiscus Extract -  2 oz with fine mist sprayer

Skin Softening Drops -  Sandalwood, Cardamom and Rose in a base of Organic Marula Oil, Argan, Moringa, and the added beauty of  Pomegranate Oil to honor Persephone, as we move toward spring. - 1/2 oz Glass Bottle with dropper