The Tea of Tomorrow

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To Be Served To Those Who Desire To Dream Of A Better Day 

Ingredient Story: 

Prepare an infusion of aromatic tea laced with a variety of rose petals, bourbon vanilla, cinnamon chips, allspice, your most nurturing cardamom and exquisite black peppercorns handed to you across the counter from the mysterious man in Florence.  Using your favorite mortar &  pestle, grind together. Stir into a Flowery Orange Indian Pekoe using  your most beloved wooden spoon found in your grandmothers box of treasures. 

To Prepare: 

Remove your French Press from the cupboard behind the door and place 1-2 scoops  of Tea of Tomorrow into your Press. Add water, and as it brews;  sing a song, sing a song of songs. Gently rest both hands over the top of the press and allow the resting hands to plunge the press; pour the tea  into your favorite cup and let it be filled with tomorrow.

To Serve: 

Use your most beautiful wooden honey dipper to drizzle in honey from the friendliest bees, and if desired, milk from a contented cow. As the steam rises, lose yourself to dance in the way of the dervish, or choose to sit quietly and imagine the dervishes whirling inside you. Sip the sacred tea and sense yourself growing larger and larger and larger until your thoughts become those of yesterday and your dreams become those of tomorrow. 

ALL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Flowery Orange Indian Pekoe, Rose Petals, Cardamom, Allspice, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Sweet Cinnamon Chips, Black Peppercorns, Allspice. 

.5 oz compostable envelope

2.5 oz compostable packet 

(organic, contains caffeine)