Rose Petal & Chamomile - Exfoliating Cleansing Grains

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How to use: 
When the skin and world is feeling lifeless and dull, splash a gentle pure water on the skin. Add a small amount of fragrant rose water or spring water (tap water also will do) Begin to massage into damp skin in gentle circular motions while allowing your mind to wander to a Bazaar in India selling Sandalwood. Rinse your fingertips and allow the grains and clay to penetrate your skin forming a gentle mask. When ready, splash with warm water or climb under a steaming shower and remove any remainder with a damp cloth. Apply Moisturizer, Serum or Balm to your freshly exfoliated skin.

The Benefits: 

Our cleansing grains are gentle and effective and an important addition to every good skin care program. Created with Rhassoul Clay and soothing floral botanicals, we recommend using twice weekly for healthy, more radiant skin with these benefits: 

  • removes dead, dull skin
  • unclogs and minimizes pores
  • rejuvenates new skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth
  • helps with penetration of serum and moisturizers
  • evens skin tone 
  • diminishes black heads and break outs 

 Our Rose Petal Chamomile  Exfoliating Cleansing Grains arrive in a 10 Dram Clear Class Vial with Cork Stopper good for several cleansings or our sample size good for 10 or more exfoliations


Our Ingredient Story: 

Find Sandalwood Powder from ethically harvested trees in Australia. Using your sturdiest mortar & pestle grind together Rhassoul Clay, Rose Petals, which you have plucked and dried from your rose garden. Add gorgeous Hibiscus grown organically and gifted to you from a friend. Grind together with oats found from a pesticide free market and blend with the sweetest Chamomile Flowers containing the aroma of apples.  Add a drop of the most sacred and rare Sandalwood oil gathered from sustainably harvested trees in India.