Pink Pearl - Luscious Facial Moisturizer

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Pink Pearl - Alchemical Facial Moisturizer with Kigafirm for firming and elasticity.

Our best-selling Pink Pearl provides a cloud like veil of moisturizer for your skin. The alchemy of exquisite carrier oils from the Amazon Rainforest and Africa and infused with our vibrant French Pink Rose Petals; Pink Pearl is a gorgeous pale pink color and due to its effective ingredients, only a pearl size amount is needed. Now containing Kigafirm -  Few ingredients can make the clinically proven claims that are possible with Kigafirm, the remarkable fruit extract of the mystical African tree Kigelia Africana. Kigafirm is a targeted extract of Kigelia Africana fruit that maximizes firming and elasticity of the skin.

Benefits and Rewards: 

  • Helps restore moisture, firmness and elasticity
  • High content of Vitamins A & C
  • Disappears quickly into the skin
  • Leaves skin dewy and silky smooth
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Light, beautiful scent
  • Infused with our own island rose petals 


Cold Pressed | Virgin | Raw | Fairly Traded | Wild Harvested or Organic | Lab Tested | Cruelty Free | *Vegan | Non GMO | Gluten Free 

Oils: ORGANIC - Marula, Moringa,  Vanilla infused Jojoba, Virgin Apricot Kernal 

Waters: ORGANIC Rose Hydrosol, Aloe Vera, Non GMO Vitamin E, Hibiscus Extract, 

Plus: ORGANIC Rose Petals, Hibiscus Flowers, Alkanet Root, Rose Otto, Rosa Damascena, and Neroli Kigafirm Extract, Beeswax

*Hurdle Technology: At JANE, our formulations containing waters use Organic Rose Hydrosol and Organic Aloe. We want you to feel confident that our products are preserved with nature. 

Our Creation Story: 

Gather all of the ingredients together and wait for the next full moon. Clear your schedule for the entire day and prepare for a most magical of  alchemical infusion.

Begin with the waters, combine together in your most beautiful glass measuring cup; the purest hydrosol of roses and the clearest inner fillets of a desert Aloe Vera. A few drops of Vitamin E oil from sunflowers who turn to face each other when they are not facing the sun, and who refuse to be modified by any form of GMO. Using a glass dropper, procure a few precious drops of Neroli, Rose Otto and Bulgarian White Rose from their bottles and when finished slide the glass tube across your skin to receive any remaining rose oil. Inhale. Since you are working with alchemy, study hurdle technology. 

As the waters cool, stir your simmering oils from around the world; Moringa, Babbasu and Marula, determine the temperature and give thanks. Add the desired amount of beeswax while thanking the friendliest bees and transfer your oils into a device that is capable of rapid whirring. 

As you wait for the divine oils to solidify, take a walk on the beach or into the forest. Recite your favorite poem from Mary Oliver, prepare to blend the oils and waters. 

Return to your whirring device, turn on music from Arctic Outpost Radio and say a prayer. Press the button on your devise and simultaneously blend, stir, whisk, whir along with your gurgling device.  Ooh and Aaah over the lovely pale pink color and prepare for  a cloud like veil of moisturizing. 


5 ml Glass Jar 

15 ml Heavy Base Glass Jar

*Hurdle Technology is a 100% natural blend of multifunctional, synergistic components. This all natural blend is based on caprylhydroxamic acid, glyceryl caprylate and glycerin and offers excellent antimicrobial and antifungal properties and also serves as an emollient in our formulations. It is also biodegradable and from non-GMO vegetable sources.

*contains beeswax