Sleeping Beauty - Beauty Balm

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Cold Pressed | Virgin | Raw | Fairly Traded | Wild Harvested or Organic | Lab Tested | Cruelty Free | *Vegan | Non GMO | Gluten Free 

Get your Beauty Sleep. Although this night time beauty balm can be used any time, be certain to tap it under the eyes at bedtime to reduce inflammation and  puffiness.  Along with a wonderful texture and aroma, perfect for the eyes as an emollient and potent anti-inflammatory.


+ Delivers omegas and vitamins deep into the skin 
+ Diminishes the look of aging skin and dark spots
+ Anti-inflammatory to reduce puffiness
+ Provides Lush moisturization into the skin
+ Softens skin
+ Improves cell turnover + elasticity + tone
+ Leaves Skin healthier and vibrant


Sleeping Beauty contains two powerhouse ingredients for stimulation circulation and removing puffiness; exquisite and costly Green Coffee Oil and Guarana Infused Andiroba Oil. 

Organic: Babassu Oil, Green Coffee Oil, Guarana Infused Andiroba Oil,  Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter,  Wildcrafted, French Moroccan Blue Chamomile, Wildcrafted French Lavender, Amni Visnaga (assists with allergies) Hyssop, Palmarosa. 

Please note; the color will vary depending on the deep color of the Chamomile and darkness of the Green Coffee Oil. 

*Contains beeswax