Poetry Perfume - Night Circus

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"Like stepping into a fairy tale under a curtain of stars." - E. Morgenstern

Night Circus - Botanical Perfume

A nod to the flower that blooms at night: Jasmine and Spice give way to soft hints of Vanilla, and heady Sandalwood in Night Circus. Perfect for sharing secrets under 'the big top' as you dream of warm summer evenings and blooming Jasmine.

Botanical Perfume has an essence of liveliness to it and the perfume, when applied as a form of anointing, can allow the body to take on or ''become'' the essence. Layering this with the Body Butter is an exquisite experience and will extend the duration of the fragrance.

The Serum is blended In a base of organic Jojoba oil to soften skin wherever it touches and now available in our Fine Mist Spray in Perfumers Alcohol