Nirvana - Nourishing Balm for Face

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Nirvana Nourishing Balm For Face. An exquisite and healing balm for dry skin

When the skin is feeling exceptionally dry and is in need of rejuvenation, comfort and deep moisture, apply a pearl sized amount of Nirvana to clean skin that is still damp or misted with hydrosol. Massage in gentle movements, tapping inward under the  eye area. Rub any precious remaining ingredients into hands and nailbed.

Use morning & evening if you have skin that has spent many years under the rays of the sun and if your skin is normal, use as an eye balm to soften laugh lines, and puffiness. 


Cold Pressed | Virgin | Raw | Fairly Traded | Wild Harvested or Organic | Lab Tested | Cruelty Free | *Vegan | Non GMO | Gluten Free 

*contains beeswax

Pequi Fruit, Rose Hips Oil, Calendula Oil, Andiroba Oil, Marula Oil, Moringa Oil, Beeswax, Rose, Neroli, helichrysum, Frankincence


The Benefits: 

  • Fades dark spots
  • Improves skin texture including delicate eye area 
  • Provides long lasting moisture to dry skin 
  • Improves skin comfort and radiance 

Our Ingredient Story: 

 When the sun is at it's most full, pick the brightest and most colorful golden Calendula flower petals and infuse them in absolutely exquisite and rare  Carrier Oils from the lush forests of Chile and Brazilian Amazon. Choose Pequi Fruit that is extremely rare and wild-harvested only between the months of November and March. Select a  Rose Hips Oil growing wild in clusters along lush slopes and mountain valleys in Chile. While humming softly, measure and add Golden Calendula Oil, and Andiroba Oil to reduce any puffiness. Choose Beeswax created from the happiest bees. Add precious drops of exotic oils of Rose, Neroli, Frankincense and your best Helichrysum from Italy.

Nirvana arrives in a clear heavyweight glass with gold lid