Rose Cardamom Sensuous Balm - For Body

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Our Ingredient Story 

Under the darkest New Moon, grind your freshest Cardamom Pods purchased from a mysterious brown eyed spice merchant. Pluck your most fragrant Rose Petals, and snip intoxicating Bourbon Vanilla discovered in Madagascar. Infuse in organic Sesame oil

When many days have passed, gently melt the beeswax from bees that happily buzz.  Strain your infusion through a sacred cloth and warm over a gentle flame adding coconut oil from the freshest coconuts grown in the Philippines. Carefully add fragrant Peruvian Roasted Cocoa Butter Wafers and equally if not more fragrant Cupuacu Butter that has arrived from Brazilian Forest.  With a wave of your hand, combine all ingredients along with generous  drops of Indian Cardamom Oil and Rare and Exquisite Rose, delivered from a friend visiting Turkey. 

How To Use: 

There is something ancient and symbolic when the smell of warm and nourishing cardamom and heart-opening rose come together, leaving the skin delicately scented. After toweling off from your bath or shower, place your towel on the floor and sit (or stand). Dip lovingly into your Rose Cardamom Sensuous Balm. Prepare to massage with long strokes on the limbs and circular strokes on the joints.  Begin with your feet and toes and work toward the center of your body. Massage the abdomen and chest in broad, clockwise, circular motions. Continue in long strokes over your arms and circular motion over your elbows and shoulders. Massage in the balm with love and patience. This is a particularly nice ritual to perform before bedtime. 

Keep near your bedside table and as the moon rises rub a little into your hands before drifting off to sleep for a comforting, exotic aroma.
On nights when sleep will not come, apply to the bottoms of your feet.


  • absorbs rapidly and nourishes deeply
  • improves softness
  • enhances texture and feel of skin
  • relieves dry uncomfortable winter skin 
  • nurtures the spirit 

Choose From: 

5 ml Sample

2 oz Clear Glass Container

4 oz Miron Ultra Violet Glass Container (very limited supply of these gorgeous jars)