5 Steps to Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

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At Absinthe Rabbit we understand it can be timely and difficult to stick with a skin care program. I have found that more is not necessarily better and have created a handful of products that are all that is necessary for good skin care. Each product is multi-tasking, delivering high results with less steps and eliminating the need for additional products. 

Absinthe Rabbit Skin Care Line is made with responsibly sourced, organic and natural plant-based ingredients that deliver skin-enhancing results in fewer steps. We have products for all skin types that are cruelty free and made without any nasty  ingredients, as  those nasties may cause the skin to age even faster, the exact result you are wanting to avoid. My skin care products do not contain any parabens, PEGs, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrance, or other harsh chemicals. 

It's never too late to start taking care of your skin. As we age we need to factor in genetics, the environment and our lifestyle practices. My overall goal has been to provide products that are as natural as possible yet still yield results.  

Here are 5 steps to getting gorgeous glowing skin: 

1. Cleanse. Cleansing is underrated, we typically just slather on the moisturizer and forego cleansing.Without a clean base your moisturizer has to work twice as hard. Plus, going to bed with your makeup and sunscreen still on your face can cause the skin to age even faster. The whole purpose of a cleanser is to remove anything that needs to go, without stripping the skin, leaving it tight and dry. We offer our Kalahari Seed Cleanser for lighter cleansing, and Hibiscus Rose Cleansing Balm, a substantial Balm that removes makeup and even sunscreen. Plus Kalahari Cleanser and Hibiscus Balm can be reapplied and left on for moisturizing. 

2. Mist. Mist after cleansing and then mist some more throughout the day. It is a super simple way to keep your skin hydrated and energized. Our delicate and high frequency mists offer hydration and balancing and contain Rose Hydrosol obtained from thousands of organic rose petals. Use after cleansing to tone and re-balance, and use frequently throughout the day to freshen make-up and give the skin a healthy, natural glow. Along with our full-sized mist we offer a 10mm slender travel size to slip into your bag. 

3. Moisturize. After Cleansing and Misting your skin will be ready to absorb moisturizer. We offer our effective, yet lightweight Pink Pearl which can be used on all skin types, absorbing into the skin and going to work. We also offer our Skin Magic oil based serums using exquisite carrier oils from around the world. 

4. Exfoliate. The key to looking fresh is to rejuvenate your skin. It may sound strange but instead of applying more makeup before going out in the evening, take a few moments to take it all off and exfoliate. Our Floral Cleansing Grains Polishing Mask is a scrub, mask and polish. It's super gentle but wildly effective. Think of it as necessary maintenance that can change the appearance of your skin. Plus, it contains Rhassoul Clay, so if you choose  to leave it on a few extra minutes you'll receive the benefits of a mask. 

5. Balm. Never leave home without a balm. It’s amazing what our little golden Nirvana can do for dry skin. It is effective as an under eye balm, and facial moisturizer, yet you'll reach for it for dry hands and cuticles, fly away hair, eyebrows, elbows, dry patches and even your dry lips on a winter’s day. It contains exquisite ingredients of florals, herbs, and plants, slow infused into our high end carrier oils. 

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