Mermaids in my Brain Waves

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Mermaids in My Brain Waves:
It has always been this way, at least for as long as I can remember. 
Living so close to the sea, I can not help but have Mermaids in my Brainwaves They float in my dreams, and they swim in my fragrances and potions. They guide me through my days. Beckoning, ebbing and flowing with the tides.
Ode to the Mermaids in my Brainwaves
I saw you
at our secret spot
where we always hid away,
sitting together on your cart for golfers
sipping champagne.
I was hurrying on my way to turn the key in the lock, and could not pause to sip with you.
But I caught a glimpse of you,
on your banana creme-colored bicycle, which was once my own.
There you were, silent, staring knowingly out to sea. I knew what you were about to do and I envied you. 
As soon as the thought entered my brainwaves, you began to pedal. 
Faster and faster, your hair flying in the wind,
your skirt dancing precariously between the chains,
catching and ripping between
whirring of your pedals.
And then it happened.
I watched, holding my breath.
As soon as you entered the sea you were cleansed!
Clinging on to the handles
Your feet became fins
and there you were.
a mermaid on a bicycle,
And Oh! how I longed to join you.
-S. Oberon Sullivan's Island.
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