An Apple a Day - A Thank You Note

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I've always had a desire to collect and scatter flower seeds. My mother, aunt and cousin have always done this. Most recently I've had a new urge arise when cutting into something I am about to eat containing seeds. I cut into an apple that was so delicious I wanted to save all of its seeds in hope that I could grow such delicious apples and share them with those I love.
My sister gave me a book about Apple Magic, well it's really about other things, but it includes apple magic and I read that apples are symbolic of fertility, love, joy and knowledge and that offering an apple declares your love. An apple for your teacher, or the snake tempting Adam and Eve, knowing that knowledge is love. Even the evil Queen helped Snow White find love with an apple.
An old tradition in Ireland says to cut an apple crossways, may reveal a star with five points. I did this and found the star which is said to bring happiness and health for the year to come! I also cut the entire apple into thin slices, baked it on low and ate the other beautifully baked slices! Apple Magic goes on to say that the point that faces up represents the spirit, and the other points represent the elements of earth, air, fire and water.
February is the month of love and I want to offer you an apple declaring my love for you from Absinthe Rabbit. Thank you to those of you who drop in and support me when I am up to my rabbit ears in blending and shipping. Thank you to my family, friends and students who believe in and use Absinthe Rabbit products, introduce them to others and return for more. Thank you for helping me name it and build it and create a beautiful logo for it. Thank you for shopping online, at the markets, shops and herbal fairs. I thank you, most especially for the Mountains of support. Here is an apple for you....with love.

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