Death of a Gingerbread Man

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Today I have visions of the Gingerbread Man dancing in my head. Yes, as in that delightful cookie that makes an appearance this time every year. Gingerbread cookies and Gingerbread Houses.
I have this memory, this wonderful vision of my sister taking me to the Park Fair Bakery. The moment we entered the door I looked up and caught my breath, for there above me was an entire world of gingerbread men, dangling, spinning and dancing on invisible strings. With gumdrop eyes and red dot buttons and chocolate drops and smiles made of frosting. They spun and called to me to take them home. My sister who was much older and wiser and possessed a drivers license would allow me to choose one gingerbread man. One! Can you imagine? It was the land of magic Gingerbread Men. I would dizzy myself with spinning and pointing to my choice. Carefully I would remove it from its krinkley cellophane wrapping. Hesitant to destroy its perfect beauty, I would hold it to my nose and smell it, inhaling its spicy gingerness. Slowly, like a mouse I would begin to nibble on it. and when no longer able to resist, I would bite off its head, or its hand or its foot. Poor Yummy Gingerbread Man.
Today, one of my students delivered to me my annual gingerbread man This year I waited until I got home before biting off its head. Curious about the origin of the gingerbread man I ''googled it up'' and found this
How do you make gingerbread for men?
Well, I thought that was hilarious. Then I found this video, which pretty much establishes the desire to make gingerbread 'for men'. I do recall this fairy tale, but this was the first time seeing this video.
Run, run, fast as you can, You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!
-The Gingerbread Man, - A fairie tale.
Next, I read about how the story of Hansel and Gretel relates to the Gingerbread house and came across this Dutch video. I have to admit the production is wonderously creepy. The art in the garden and house are curiously fascinating. I can not blame them, after being lost in the woods, becoming overwhelmed with hunger and fatigue. I, too, would want to gnaw through a chocolate roof or a sugarcoated shingle; but in the end, well it is The Brothers Grimm.
Don't forget to take a moment to jump into the spice of the holidays, with old fairy tales, and spicy, gingery treats and be careful not to get outfoxed.

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