G L O R I A - I didn't believe in reincarnation the last time either.

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G L O R I A is a nature based, non synthetic perfume inspired by Gloria Karpinski.  G L O R I A  Sacred Perfume Roll On is inspired by the mystical magic of Gloria; visionary, author, renaissance woman, and teacher.
This botanical perfume contains the exotic florals of Tuberose and Ginger Lily, and the earthy, sacred, ritualistic scent of Sandalwood and Ambrette, including a hint of a citrus to bring the overall brightness that Gloria brings to her offerings. The scent is best described as exotic, earthy and floral.
A beautiful synchronicity occurred when I first started blending these oils together: As this perfume was being blended the sun light reflected through the pattern on the curtains, creating circles of light throughout the room, Gloria refers to her website as Center Circle.
The quote I chose to use, which is printed on the perfume is: "I didn't believe in reincarnation the last time either." This quote is from Gloria's first book, Where two Worlds Touch, and shows the insight and humor that Gloria represents.
I invite you to consider joining Gloria for a workshop, read one of her books, or listen to Meeting the Committee, which is one of my favorite works and something I often use during my own offerings. We are so fortunate to have her doing this work in the world.
A note about nature based perfumes: At Absinthe Rabbit we encourage you to consider a new way to wear fragrance. Synthetic scents can disrupt others and create a distance between people. Natural scents encourage others to come closer and are often very personal and shared with those you choose to share space with during an embrace or hug
At Absinthe Rabbit we are thrilled to share our new Sacred Collection Perfume Oils. Perfume created entirely from nature.
Happy Buddha, 13 Moons, Kuan Yin, and now, our most recent release:

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