God's Nectar - Brazilian Beauty Stick

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The perfect little companion...God's Nectar. 

Dark Spot Reducer, lightens dark under eye circles, reduces wrinkles and dry lips.  

Unrefined ingredients add happy, bright, natural colors, textures, and scents like you've never experienced before. It will be love at first sight.


The main ingredient comes from the Brazilian Cerrado, a Wild-harvested, unrefined Brazilian Pequi Fruit. and known as God's Nectar. 

Pure, unrefined, safe, and nutrient-packed, this oil retains the natural colors, textures and scents of the Pequi Tree from which it is made: the main source of the plant's healing properties and the main ingredient in God's Nectar. 
Absinthe Rabbits products are sourced Organic, Wild-harvested, Fair traded, Sustainable, Hypoallergenic, Gluten, and Cruelty Free.

This Beauty Stick has a smell that is light, fruity, lovely, I would even describe it as joyful! I wanted to create God's Nectar using ingredients that you could actually ingest, complete with amazing benefits. 

I also infuse Calendula  (pronounced kuh-len-juh-luh) which is such a beautiful bright golden orange flower. Yet the color comes primarily from the amount of Pequi Fruit that is used. The *beeswax is from a reputable farm. No essential oils are used, this would distract from the smell of the Pequi.


This product is simple, easy to use, and comes in an eco-friendly push-up tube that is both reliable and friendly. It feels great in the hand and is so easy to  glide under the eyes, over dark spots, and on lips. Relax knowing that if you lick your lips, your are licking ingestible ingredients. These tubes are sturdy and hold up well in your bag and with frequent use. You will love the fruity, all-natural smell. 


Pequi Oil is God's nectar for healthy, firmer, elastic, supple skin, due to its extraordinary content of vitamin C. (A higher amount than found in oranges) and its ability to fight signs of skin aging, such as lines and wrinkles. It also helps lighten aging spots, leaving skin rejuvenated and firmer.

Glide on God's Nectar and Rejoice


*Vegan? Contact me and I can create yours using a flower wax instead of beeswax. 

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