Bits & Bobs - A Collection of Curious Objects

Posted by Stephaney Oberon on

Bits & Bobs-Flotsam & Jetsam- Beloved Oddities

Do you pick up that single feather or heart shaped stone? Do you have an assortment of curious objects that you love, but they are hidden away in a drawer somewhere, or gathering dust on a shelf? Photograph them! Gather together your assortment of marbles, feathers, calling cards and bits and bobs.

Lay them out in an order that is pleasing to you, and photograph away. Re-arrange and shoot again...and again. Choose a background that enhances your collection. The sand. A sidewalk, an old table, countertop or newspaper. Be creative. Be curious, and bring a single object, or all of those things that you love together in a beautiful picture, photographed by you. You don't need a fancy camera. Use your phone and then crop and edit for the perfect photograph. Then share...on your social media, or share it with me. I would love to see your collection of treasures.


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