In the Palm of Your Hand

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When your hands leap towards mine love, what do they bring me in flight? ~Pablo Neruda |

Our Hands tell our stories. They express, heal, and connect. They wave hello... and goodbye. You can hold the world in the palm of your hand and use your fingers to express with a rewarding thumbs up or provide nurturing to a thumb-sucking infant. They can point out desire, guide you to "come here", or declare to the world "I'm No. 1". The middle finger expresses power and when added to the index finger amplifies that power by connecting it to your desire, as in "fingers crossed" for good luck, as well as directing attention... "please observe the overhead bin."  Ring fingers announce commitment, at least in some cultures, and the little fingers or boundary fingers are our edge, showing "that is as far as I will go. I will go no further". 

My hands are aging. When I look at my hands, I do not see my hands, I see my mothers hands. Old. Yet, I always loved her hands. I thought they were so capable and witnessed how they told her many stories. She cooked and sewed, planted flowers, and pulled weeds with those hands. She raised five children with those hands. She taught her hands to strip, sand, and refinish antiques and create tiny little doll clothes for me for Christmas. She used them to point me in the right direction when I needed guidance and offered up many hugs. She wore her wedding rings long after my father died, until her hands became too thin and the rings slid in constant circles around her finger.  

I hope my hands are as capable as my mothers. I too, use them to plant flowers, pull weeds and brush sand from my skin. I use them to share words as I write and express emotions as I dance. Flick, pinch, poke, pull, clench, chop, clap, catch. I also use them to pour potions, and slather lotions, and blend perfumes. These are my hands. 

You can speak an entire language with your hands! You can use your hands and fingers to create mudras (a symbolic hand gesture). Your hands themselves can tell a story by just reading the lines of the palms. The heart line foretells love and future attraction; the headline foretells thoughts and visions to be faced; the lifeline foretells future vitality, health and vigor. 

You can connect to spirit and prayer by bringing your palms together at your heart. 

Use your hands: to emote, to express, to connect. Take some time to pay particular attention to how you use your hands. To sense, to touch, to feel, to love, to create. Do something good with your hands today. Pat someone on the back, give someone a hug, write a loving note, bake a special treat, or press send on a joyful text. 

Show someone you love what you are capable of with your hands. 

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