Sea Smoother Bath Scrub

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If your skin is dry and flakey, this bath is a must-do. Typically, the skin can get by with dry-brushing or an occasional shower scrub. However, if your winter skin is moisture-deprived, and you have access to a bathtub, with just two simple ingredients, this is the remedy to remove dry, itchy, flakes and get glowing! 

Epsom Salts - 1/4 pound

Sunflower Oil (or Olive) - 1/8 cup 

Optional: Add a few drops of essential oil. Lavender is universally loved. Also, the skin loves Geranium, and the scent of Litsea is very uplifting. Avoid Peppermint or Orange as they could be too stimulating for sensitive skin with this scrub. This scrub is fine without any additional essential oils if you don't have anything on hand. 

Mix the salt and oil together and sink into your tub. Starting with the toes, massage your body with small portions of the mix so you feel the scrubbing effect of the salt on your skin. The salt will melt quickly in a hot bath, so you can choose to do the scrub first and then relax in the tub to let the oil moisturize the skin. Yet doing this scrub while in the tub is akin to heaven. 

PLEASE NOTE, exit the tub with care as this will make your tub very slippery. Don't scrub on open or broken skin. 

Inspiration:  Bath Magic 

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